Cold Lake Ice Fishing Tactics for Lake Trout

This fishing adventure started quite a few years ago back on the frozen ice of December 2012.  The location was none other than Cold Lake, Alberta.  Maybe more familiar with people in regards to the location of Canada's Air Base and weapons range, but we were more interested in the life below the ice.  This is a large open body of water at approximately 16 miles across and over 300 feet deep. For this reason it is one of the last lakes to freeze in northern Alberta and much caution should be taken when venturing out on the ice at any time of the season.  Many years it is safe to wait until mid January to get out on the main lake, while some of the smaller bays will freeze earlier in the winter.

We were in luck though since this year was a quick freeze and trucks were already out on the ice at Christmas time.  We already knew the lake after fishing it many times during the open water season. The only thing that separated us now from the fish was a few inches of ice that our auger…

Top 5 Fall Walleye Fishing Tactics

Autumn is a wonderful time of year with mild temperatures, beautiful scenery and big fish searching for an easy meal before freeze up.  It's the later fact of fall that gets me excited to drop a line in the water.

This past fall was the first time I actually had the chance to dedicate time for some fall fishing.  I had the last week of September and the first week of October off, so we packed up and headed off to Canada.  This had been an unusually warm Fall and I was concerned that I might hit the fall turnover.  This is a period when the water temperature throughout the lake hits around 4 degrees Celsius and it mixes top to bottom.   This occurs because water is most dense at 4 degrees Celsius.  The water during turnover becomes murky and the fish are usually turned off the chew for a few days on either side.  Lucky enough though I didn't have to deal with fall turnover at any of the lakes we visited.

We went after some big pike at other lakes, but we stuck to our home ba…

Hermitage Park Rainbow Trout and Jaw Jacker Review

Fishing Hermitage Park Pond rainbow trout that lurk under ice is something I enjoy trying when home for Christmas.  Unfortunately this year I didn't make it to the lake until later in the ice season after Christmas. You see this small pond is only about 12 feet deep and stocked with 3000 rainbows a year.  As the winter lingers on oxygen levels plummet and the trout are left struggling to survive.  Sadly nature wins out and the lake consistently winter kills leaving the remaining trout dead under ice.  No one can predict when this will exactly happen as a lot of factors come into play.  For example live weeds add oxygen and dead weeds consume oxygen.  Regardless I always go out to give it a try.
The forecast was for a rapid change in weather throughout the day.  It started out on the cool side, overcast and calm.  By the end of the day it was freezing cold and blowing snow. 
I tried a faithful point on the lake in the morning, but there was no trout activity on the radar at all and…

Finally Fall Fishing Northern Pike!

Fast approaching the end of another great Canadian fishing adventure in early August, we started entertaining the idea of going back in the Fall.  My wife didn't have to ask me twice before I quickly found a gap in my schedule over the last week of September and first of October.  Flights were booked and it was all planning and daydreaming from there.

Fishing in the fall had always been something I read about in magazines and watched on fishing shows, but never able to experience first hand.  Generally I'd fish over 50 days a year, but these days were highly concentrated around school vacations.  Now after 20 years of education and 4 years of post graduate training life looked more promising for a fall fishing adventure.

As with all new adventures much planning and self education is required for success.  I started reading everything I could lay my eyes on regarding fishing the fall bite.  After a few trips to Outdoor World and hundreds of dollars spent on large swim-baits a…

Kokanee Fishing Wood Lake British Columbia

British Columbia is a very attractive place for most Albertan’s to head during the summer months. “Why?” some people may ask since Alberta has it's own stunning outdoors. If you haven’t been to Alberta I’ll fill you in…. Mosquitoes! There are a few other reasons my family enjoys going to the Okanagan Valley including tasty fresh fruit, hotter days, beautiful lakes to water ski on and camp at without that Alberta algae. So what is an avid angler to do surrounded by the watersport center of British Columbia? Quite simply put, they fish! We usually stay in Oyama, which is a town between two adjoining lakes, Kalamalka and Wood Lake.

Kalamalka is known for its spectacular blue green waters that make you feel like you’re some place tropical. Fishermen on the other hand will tell you it is well known to hold some monster lake trout in its depths and fair sized rainbow trout. Wood lake on the other hand is known for a population of fat kokanee that school in the lake. While the lake trou…

Trophies of the Past - Fishing Seibert Lake

The sun was just cresting over the horizon as dawn promised a beautiful day. I was in the back seat of my uncles Chevy listening to the stories of old exchanged between my uncle and his father in law. We were headed off ice fishing and spotting dear in the never ending glistening snowy fields of northern Alberta. Now this may have been over 20 years ago, but I still remember the stories they told about fishing Seibert Lake. That famed Trophy Lake where you weren’t allowed to use bait and the monstrosities of fish would just cruise on by.

Over the years I’ve fished Pinehurst and Spencer, but never stopped to see if the fish were biting at Seibert Lake. That is until this summer.

We were visiting family in Canada and were fortunate enough to have a neighbor lend his fishing boat to us for a few days. I had been researching all the lakes north of Edmonton and decided that the one I’d most like to explore was Seibert. I’d never been there and the chance to keep a walleye for dinner had …

Cold Lake Alberta Trolling for Lake Trout in the Summer


Summer lake trout fishing with downriggers was all I could think about when planning our trip up to Canada.  It had been a few years since we last fished Cold Lake and from everything I had been hearing the lake seemed to be on fire!  We flew into the Edmonton International Airport from LAX and headed out to Garner Lake where my Grandpa Les lived.  

We discussed our plans and checked out the weather forecast as this is a very big lake and heading out on a windy day can leave you stuck on shore.  For forecast looked very promising with temperatures to 28 degrees Celsius and minimal wind.  After seeing the amazing Alberta day ahead of us we got all packed up and our gear prepared for the great day of fishing ahead. 

I woke up early to make some lunch and waited patiently for my Grandpa and Wife to get ready and head out on the road.  Cold Lake is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from where he lives so it really isn't too bad to head out for some Lake Trout.  

After a …