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Top 5 Fall Walleye Fishing Tactics

Autumn is a wonderful time of year with mild temperatures, beautiful scenery and big fish searching for an easy meal before freeze up.  It's the later fact of fall that gets me excited to drop a line in the water.

This past fall was the first time I actually had the chance to dedicate time for some fall fishing.  I had the last week of September and the first week of October off, so we packed up and headed off to Canada.  This had been an unusually warm Fall and I was concerned that I might hit the fall turnover.  This is a period when the water temperature throughout the lake hits around 4 degrees Celsius and it mixes top to bottom.   This occurs because water is most dense at 4 degrees Celsius.  The water during turnover becomes murky and the fish are usually turned off the chew for a few days on either side.  Lucky enough though I didn't have to deal with fall turnover at any of the lakes we visited.

We went after some big pike at other lakes, but we stuck to our home ba…

Hermitage Park Rainbow Trout and Jaw Jacker Review

Fishing Hermitage Park Pond rainbow trout that lurk under ice is something I enjoy trying when home for Christmas.  Unfortunately this year I didn't make it to the lake until later in the ice season after Christmas. You see this small pond is only about 12 feet deep and stocked with 3000 rainbows a year.  As the winter lingers on oxygen levels plummet and the trout are left struggling to survive.  Sadly nature wins out and the lake consistently winter kills leaving the remaining trout dead under ice.  No one can predict when this will exactly happen as a lot of factors come into play.  For example live weeds add oxygen and dead weeds consume oxygen.  Regardless I always go out to give it a try.
The forecast was for a rapid change in weather throughout the day.  It started out on the cool side, overcast and calm.  By the end of the day it was freezing cold and blowing snow. 
I tried a faithful point on the lake in the morning, but there was no trout activity on the radar at all and…