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Cold Lake Alberta Trolling for Lake Trout in the Summer


Summer lake trout fishing with downriggers was all I could think about when planning our trip up to Canada.  It had been a few years since we last fished Cold Lake and from everything I had been hearing the lake seemed to be on fire!  We flew into the Edmonton International Airport from LAX and headed out to Garner Lake where my Grandpa Les lived.  

We discussed our plans and checked out the weather forecast as this is a very big lake and heading out on a windy day can leave you stuck on shore.  For forecast looked very promising with temperatures to 28 degrees Celsius and minimal wind.  After seeing the amazing Alberta day ahead of us we got all packed up and our gear prepared for the great day of fishing ahead. 

I woke up early to make some lunch and waited patiently for my Grandpa and Wife to get ready and head out on the road.  Cold Lake is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from where he lives so it really isn't too bad to head out for some Lake Trout.  

After a …