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Crappie Fishing Big Bear Lake

It was the beginning of November and my younger brother Tyson was visiting us in Southern California from Canada.  We decided to head up to Big Bear Lake since the fish usually start biting well as the water cools down in the fall.  We stopped at the North Side of the dam and were trying to use slip bobbers and power bait   It was a very slow morning and we only managed to catch one small rainbow trout from shore.   
Since fishing wasn't the greatest we decided to head off down to Big Bear Creek.  From the Dam you drive down the hi way a little over a mile until there is a large turnout with a gravel road leading down the mountain.  If you have an all wheel drive vehicle you should be able to make it since the road gets a little rough towards the end.  Drive down to the parking area and then hike down a short but very steep decent down the valley.  We arrived to the creek and started making our way down.  We saw a few brown trout but they were not paying our mini jigs any attentio…

Kayak Fishing Big Sur on the Central California Coast

I had read about fishing BIG SUR for months online and it was my first chance to go.  I had my kayak, fish finder, GPS and a few sturdy rods to help me catch some fish.  Everything I read seemed like it was impossible not to catch lots of fish off the Big Sur Coast.  The forecast was for big wind and bigger waves, but the sea wasn't quite so angry past the shore break.  My wife and I suited up in our wet suits and stood on the beach watching for any patterns to the waves that were crashing on the beach.  This seemed a little tricky being our first time out on the BIG WATER!  After waiting we chose our moment carefully and paddled furiously to get out past the shore break before we became its breakfast. We made it past the break and headed out to the Bull Kelp we could see from shore.  The swell was about 8 feet high and we were rolling up and down in our Pro2 Tandem Malibu Kayak.  It wasn't long before I started to feel a little sick.  This was my first experience of true Sea …

Convict Lake and Sabrina Lake Fall Fishing the Sierras

My wife and I were camping, late fall, at the Convict Lake campground.  I woke up early as usual contemplating where to search out a spot to fish while Meli was still asleep.  I tied up an ultra light spinning rod with a white mini jig and headed down to the outlet stream from Convict Lake.  The stream is very small after the pool just below the lake outlet.  Mostly 5-8 feet across and a short rod works great in the tight bushes.  I found a fool small pools and bounced my mini jig through with not much luck.  I worked my way up the stream towards the lake and found a small water fall and tried below it.  I jigged the mini jig in the white water and soon had a beautiful little brown trout to show for my work.  I released it back after a picture and headed up to the large outlet pools below the lake.  I could see about ten trout swimming around in the pools.  Even though they were there I could not convince them to bite.  Apparently the California Department of Fish and Game often stock…

The Fishing Doctor's Adventures Introduction

Hello Friends and Fellow Outdoorsmen,

Welcome to my Fishing Adventure Blog.  Let me give you a short introduction of myself and what this blog will be focusing on.  Here's my Top 10 Blog Information List for you!

#1 I'm an avid Outdoorsman!

#2 I spend the bulk of my outdoor adventures Fishing:
Kayak Fishing
             Ocean Fishing
             Stream Fishing
             Shore Fishing
             Alpine Fishing
             Spear Fishing
             Ice Fishing
             Deep Sea Fishing
             Fly Fishing
             Shark Fishing
You name it and if I haven't tried it yet I'll plan on it next time!

#3 Just catching fish was getting old, so now I enjoy capturing it on film and making YouTube episodes for you to watch.

#4 I enjoy sharing the fishing knowledge I've accumulated over 25 years of fishing Canada and the USA.

#5 I recently completed Residency as an Internal Medicine Physician.

#6 I received my nickname "The Fishing Doctor" during residency after gi…