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Cold Lake Ice Fishing Tactics for Lake Trout

This fishing adventure started quite a few years ago back on the frozen ice of December 2012.  The location was none other than Cold Lake, Alberta.  Maybe more familiar with people in regards to the location of Canada's Air Base and weapons range, but we were more interested in the life below the ice.  This is a large open body of water at approximately 16 miles across and over 300 feet deep. For this reason it is one of the last lakes to freeze in northern Alberta and much caution should be taken when venturing out on the ice at any time of the season.  Many years it is safe to wait until mid January to get out on the main lake, while some of the smaller bays will freeze earlier in the winter.

We were in luck though since this year was a quick freeze and trucks were already out on the ice at Christmas time.  We already knew the lake after fishing it many times during the open water season. The only thing that separated us now from the fish was a few inches of ice that our auger…