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Finally Fall Fishing Northern Pike!

Fast approaching the end of another great Canadian fishing adventure in early August, we started entertaining the idea of going back in the Fall.  My wife didn't have to ask me twice before I quickly found a gap in my schedule over the last week of September and first of October.  Flights were booked and it was all planning and daydreaming from there.

Fishing in the fall had always been something I read about in magazines and watched on fishing shows, but never able to experience first hand.  Generally I'd fish over 50 days a year, but these days were highly concentrated around school vacations.  Now after 20 years of education and 4 years of post graduate training life looked more promising for a fall fishing adventure.

As with all new adventures much planning and self education is required for success.  I started reading everything I could lay my eyes on regarding fishing the fall bite.  After a few trips to Outdoor World and hundreds of dollars spent on large swim-baits a…

Kokanee Fishing Wood Lake British Columbia

British Columbia is a very attractive place for most Albertan’s to head during the summer months. “Why?” some people may ask since Alberta has it's own stunning outdoors. If you haven’t been to Alberta I’ll fill you in…. Mosquitoes! There are a few other reasons my family enjoys going to the Okanagan Valley including tasty fresh fruit, hotter days, beautiful lakes to water ski on and camp at without that Alberta algae. So what is an avid angler to do surrounded by the watersport center of British Columbia? Quite simply put, they fish! We usually stay in Oyama, which is a town between two adjoining lakes, Kalamalka and Wood Lake.

Kalamalka is known for its spectacular blue green waters that make you feel like you’re some place tropical. Fishermen on the other hand will tell you it is well known to hold some monster lake trout in its depths and fair sized rainbow trout. Wood lake on the other hand is known for a population of fat kokanee that school in the lake. While the lake trou…

Trophies of the Past - Fishing Seibert Lake

The sun was just cresting over the horizon as dawn promised a beautiful day. I was in the back seat of my uncles Chevy listening to the stories of old exchanged between my uncle and his father in law. We were headed off ice fishing and spotting dear in the never ending glistening snowy fields of northern Alberta. Now this may have been over 20 years ago, but I still remember the stories they told about fishing Seibert Lake. That famed Trophy Lake where you weren’t allowed to use bait and the monstrosities of fish would just cruise on by.

Over the years I’ve fished Pinehurst and Spencer, but never stopped to see if the fish were biting at Seibert Lake. That is until this summer.

We were visiting family in Canada and were fortunate enough to have a neighbor lend his fishing boat to us for a few days. I had been researching all the lakes north of Edmonton and decided that the one I’d most like to explore was Seibert. I’d never been there and the chance to keep a walleye for dinner had …

Cold Lake Alberta Trolling for Lake Trout in the Summer


Summer lake trout fishing with downriggers was all I could think about when planning our trip up to Canada.  It had been a few years since we last fished Cold Lake and from everything I had been hearing the lake seemed to be on fire!  We flew into the Edmonton International Airport from LAX and headed out to Garner Lake where my Grandpa Les lived.  

We discussed our plans and checked out the weather forecast as this is a very big lake and heading out on a windy day can leave you stuck on shore.  For forecast looked very promising with temperatures to 28 degrees Celsius and minimal wind.  After seeing the amazing Alberta day ahead of us we got all packed up and our gear prepared for the great day of fishing ahead. 

I woke up early to make some lunch and waited patiently for my Grandpa and Wife to get ready and head out on the road.  Cold Lake is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from where he lives so it really isn't too bad to head out for some Lake Trout.  

After a …

Kayak Fishing Big Bear Lake

Kayak Fishing Big Bear Lake, California, in the summer is a lot of fun!

If you've been stuck on shore fishing and becoming a little tired of watching everyone else out on the water catching fish it might be time for you to invest in a kayak.  Kayaking is a great way to get on the water because there are no California Registration fees with the DMV and the lake access fees are usually less than  motor boats.  You can often find used Kayaks on Craig's List or Ebay for a few hundred dollars.  They also have decent ones during the summer at Costco for around 500 dollars.  If you want all the bells and whistles like rod holders and foot propelled with nice storage hatches and seats then it will likely cost you over a 1000 dollars.  Still much less than any other boats on the water.  Sit on Top fishing Kayaks are very durable  and will last you a long time.

Our first trip out to Big Bear Lake on the kayak was a July 4th weekend.  We paddled out the night before and watched the fir…

Hawaii Shark Fishing - Honolulu Oahu

Hawaii Shark Fishing Night Adventure.

My wife knows how much I love fishing so she went ahead and did some research on the deep sea fishing adventures available in Oahu.  Turns out a lot of them are very expensive and some of your most affordable trips are bottom fishing and SHARK FISHING!!!  The Sportfish Hawaii operation offers night fishing for sharks out of Oahu for $125 a person.  They pick you up at your hotel and take you out at 10PM till 1AM.

We were flying into Oahu for a short 4 day vacation, so we had to make every moment count.  We arrived in the evening of our first day and got settled into the hotel.  Shortly after we were headed back to the fish wharf on the shuttle that picked us up from our hotel.  We signed in at the dock and boarded the boat that would take us out into the darkness.

Once everyone was loaded on board the captain gave us the itinerary for the evening.  He then delivered the news that the average catch rate was approximately three sharks per night.  On …

Big Bear Lake Early April Rainbow Trout Fishing

Fishing Big Bear lake in April had been hot!
With the success my brother and I had just experienced I thought I would head back to the lake my next day off.  I checked the forecast and it was looking like a great day for fishing.  The sun was shining and it was much warmer than the previous time out.  The snow was melting and completely gone from the South shore as well.  The snow was melting and pouring off the hills into the lake.  
I had arrived early but only a few fish were interested in biting and action was kind of slower than usual.  As the day progressed the melt water from the snow started to run off into the lake.  With all the construction going on with the new bridge being built there was a lot of dirty water running into the lake.  Right at my feet there was this large dust plume developing in the water and extending out from shore.  I couldn't see into the water at all.  As time passed I started to see fish splashing right next to the shore in the muddy water.  The fi…

Big Bear Lake Mini Jigs for Rainbow Trout - April

Big Bear Spring fishing is usually pretty good in the beginning of April.
I was post call after a long night in the VA hospital and my brother was done working the night shift in the ER.  He called me up and asked how the fishing had been lately.  I told him pretty good and I could guarantee him some action.  You see my brother Dallas and I have grown up fishing together, but now that he has better things to do he'll only come fishing with me if I can guarantee him we will be catching rather than getting a big skunk!  It was already around 2 PM so we got things together and headed up for an evenings fishing.
Since we didn't have much time and it was mid week nobody was fishing by the dam.  So we jumped out of the car and headed down on the North side of the dam.  It was quite COLD and something was blowing in, but we got straight to fishing.  We both tied on a small mini jig lure in yellow and white and started fishing the shore.  I cast out the jig and let it sink down for a te…

How To Make Smoked Rainbow Trout

You may be wondering how to smoke your rainbow trout... well look no further this entry is for you!

Smoked Rainbow Trout is in my opinion the most delightful way to devour fresh caught rainbow trout.  So how do you get those slimy fish all prepared and ready to smoke?  Read on and check out the pictures to see how I do it.  

First of all you will need to clean your rainbow trout.
#1 Gut the Fish
#2 Cut the head off
#3 Cut the spine out of the fish and tail off
#4 Leave Skin on Fish and Rinse
#5 You can leave ribs on or cut them off
#6 Cut the fins off
When Done they should look like this.
Next you should make your Brine to soak the fish.  There are plenty of recipes online but here is one I use!
  #1 You will need a large pail that can fit in your fridge
  #2 1 Gallon of water
  #3 1 1/3 cups canning salt
  #4 2/3 cup of brown sugar
Mix all the ingredients until the sugar and salt are dissolved.  Then take your fish and layer them in the brine.  Place the pail into the refrigerator over night usuall…

Big Bear Lake Rainbow Trout Fishing the end of March

Headed back to Big Bear Lake for some more Rainbow Trout Action!  
Started on the North Side of the dam and only caught one rainbow trout on a slip bobber with a night crawler at 12 feet down.  I looked over to the other side where I had fallen into the water a few weeks earlier.  The snow had now melted back and was no longer hanging out over the water looking slightly lessdangerous.  I could hear the fish calling, so I decided to pack things up and head over to the other side.
I made my way down the snowy embankment carefully with my fishing gear and got into a somewhat safe position to be fishing from. Once in position I rigged up a couple of slip bobbers and night crawlers with varying depths anywhere from 8-15 feet in depth.  A short time elapsed before the bobbers started systematically disappearing and I pulled in a few nice fat rainbows.  It was a beautiful sunny day and once again caught my limit of big rainbows for the smoker.  Yum, love smoked rainbow trout!  Will post how I …

EXTREME FISHING - Big Bear Lake Spring Rainbow Trout Fishing

Big Bear Lake Spring Rainbow Trout Fishing

Spring has arrived in Southern California and one of the most exciting fishing opportunities to be found is the Fabulous Rainbow Trout Fishing starting in MARCH and going right on through MAY.  Starting usually in the first few weeks of March the large spawning rainbow trout will start to find there ways to the streams that run into the lake.  While fishing for these fish in or near the streams is illegal you can usually find them close to the shore around the lake.  They will swim by looking for any trickle of water running into the lake.  I've even seen them leap out of the water right onto the rocks where a small trickle was entering the lake.

One of the best ways to catch these fish is using a yellow and white mini jig or crappie jig.  Use a light action rod with four pound test and a 1/32nd ounce jig.  Cast it out and let it sink down for ten seconds.  Then slowly reel it in with a small bouncing action.  Wait for the rainbows to chas…

Kayak Fishing La Jolla

La Jolla Kayak Fishing - Valentine's Day 

I had been reading about the amazing fishing in La Jolla even prior to getting my very of Malibu Pro 2 Tandem Kayak.  I had been reading the forums and intrigued by the giant fish that lurk in the near shore waters of La Jolla.  Pictures of Huge Yellowtail and White Sea Bass litter the internet and I couldn't wait to sink my hook into one.  

I convinced my wife that Valentines weekend was perfect to go and visit La Jolla.  So we booked a hotel and headed down for the weekend.  Valentines Day we got a late start... really late.   My wife is not a morning person and getting her to go fishing in the early am is like waking the dead. 

We head out to the La Jolla Shores launching area and unload.  The sun is now high up in the ski and people are already packing it up after the morning of fishing.  We load up the kayak and jump in for the paddle out to the fishing grounds.  We make it out past the protected area and try to drop down for some ba…

Crappie Fishing Big Bear Lake

It was the beginning of November and my younger brother Tyson was visiting us in Southern California from Canada.  We decided to head up to Big Bear Lake since the fish usually start biting well as the water cools down in the fall.  We stopped at the North Side of the dam and were trying to use slip bobbers and power bait   It was a very slow morning and we only managed to catch one small rainbow trout from shore.   
Since fishing wasn't the greatest we decided to head off down to Big Bear Creek.  From the Dam you drive down the hi way a little over a mile until there is a large turnout with a gravel road leading down the mountain.  If you have an all wheel drive vehicle you should be able to make it since the road gets a little rough towards the end.  Drive down to the parking area and then hike down a short but very steep decent down the valley.  We arrived to the creek and started making our way down.  We saw a few brown trout but they were not paying our mini jigs any attentio…