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Finally Fall Fishing Northern Pike!

Fast approaching the end of another great Canadian fishing adventure in early August, we started entertaining the idea of going back in the Fall.  My wife didn't have to ask me twice before I quickly found a gap in my schedule over the last week of September and first of October.  Flights were booked and it was all planning and daydreaming from there.

Fishing in the fall had always been something I read about in magazines and watched on fishing shows, but never able to experience first hand.  Generally I'd fish over 50 days a year, but these days were highly concentrated around school vacations.  Now after 20 years of education and 4 years of post graduate training life looked more promising for a fall fishing adventure.

As with all new adventures much planning and self education is required for success.  I started reading everything I could lay my eyes on regarding fishing the fall bite.  After a few trips to Outdoor World and hundreds of dollars spent on large swim-baits a…