Kayak Fishing La Jolla

La Jolla Kayak Fishing - Valentine's Day 

I had been reading about the amazing fishing in La Jolla even prior to getting my very of Malibu Pro 2 Tandem Kayak.  I had been reading the forums and intrigued by the giant fish that lurk in the near shore waters of La Jolla.  Pictures of Huge Yellowtail and White Sea Bass litter the internet and I couldn't wait to sink my hook into one.  

I convinced my wife that Valentines weekend was perfect to go and visit La Jolla.  So we booked a hotel and headed down for the weekend.  Valentines Day we got a late start... really late.   My wife is not a morning person and getting her to go fishing in the early am is like waking the dead. 

We head out to the La Jolla Shores launching area and unload.  The sun is now high up in the ski and people are already packing it up after the morning of fishing.  We load up the kayak and jump in for the paddle out to the fishing grounds.  We make it out past the protected area and try to drop down for some bait.  No such luck for any use able baitfish.  

Good thing I have a few Irons and read a ton about Yo-Yoing fishing.  So I hook up an Tady and start casting it out and letting it fall to the bottom.  Then crank it back to me at a good pace.  Dropped it down here and there and everywhere for absolutely nothing.

Then ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!  It Happens!!!   No not a fish but a loud spout of water and air shooting into the air right behind us.  About 50 feet away from us two Grey Whales on their migration past La Jolla decided to surface for air right beside us and swim along the surface.  We paddled a bit closer to them before they dived down out of site.  Wow that sure made the paddle out worth it. 

Before finishing up we caught a few small whitefish near the bottom.  None of the Huge Yellowtail Homeguards I had been reading about.  I knew the odds were against us with the late start.  This place is awesome with so much sea life I was determined to come back and give it another shot!  

TIP FROM GUYS WHO OBVIOUSLY KNOW MORE THAN ME:  Saw some other guys who were out there much earlier then us and caught some yellow tail and WSB on weighted live bait, mackerel or sardines.  So if you want to give it a try I'd recommend their method fishing near the bottom in 80 to 100 feet of water.  Good Luck out there and watch out for the Great White Sharks!  


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