EXTREME FISHING - Big Bear Lake Spring Rainbow Trout Fishing

Big Bear Lake Spring Rainbow Trout Fishing

Spring has arrived in Southern California and one of the most exciting fishing opportunities to be found is the Fabulous Rainbow Trout Fishing starting in MARCH and going right on through MAY.  Starting usually in the first few weeks of March the large spawning rainbow trout will start to find there ways to the streams that run into the lake.  While fishing for these fish in or near the streams is illegal you can usually find them close to the shore around the lake.  They will swim by looking for any trickle of water running into the lake.  I've even seen them leap out of the water right onto the rocks where a small trickle was entering the lake.

One of the best ways to catch these fish is using a yellow and white mini jig or crappie jig.  Use a light action rod with four pound test and a 1/32nd ounce jig.  Cast it out and let it sink down for ten seconds.  Then slowly reel it in with a small bouncing action.  Wait for the rainbows to chase this presentation right to shore and hold on.  Strikes can be violent and sometimes really soft, so pay attention.  Tipping the crappie jig with a meal worm sometimes helps.

There I was early in the morning standing on the side of the lake.  I could see fish swimming near the shore, but they really weren't that interested.  It was a slow morning and I only ended up landing one fish, so I decided to try the other side of the lake.  There was a huge snow pile on the other side that was still overhanging the water.  It looked pretty dangerous which was good for me because no one else was fishing there.  I went around to the other side and slowly worked my way down the mound of snow.  I toed my foot holds one at a time on this steep bank and carved out a platform for myself to stand on.  I then created steps down closer to the water to net any possible fish I'd catch.

Turns out that I made an EXCELLENT choice as my bobber vanished within a few moments of casting it out.  I had a slip bobber rig out with a night crawler sitting from 12-15 feet down in the water column.  The fish kept coming and it was turning out to be an excellent day fishing.

THEN IT HAPPENED!!!!    As I was making my way down the steps the snow drift broke off and I fell into the FRIGID WATER up to my waist.  I was now stuck waist deep with nothing but a shear cliff of snow and ice above me to try to climb out on.  I clawed my hands into the snow and with all my strength pulled myself out of the water.  To this day I have no idea how I was able to pull myself out.  Check the pictures out.

It wasn't too cold out so I just kept on fishing and dried off slowly.  Caught my limit of 5 nice rainbow trout and released a few more to grow up for another day.  We'll Chalk that one up for another crazy adventure with the Fishing Doctor!

My Fishing Platform on the Snow Bank

 Where I fell in and the chunk that fell in with me.  Notice the angle, straight down!
The Days Great Catch Well Worth the Effort!


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