Big Bear Lake Rainbow Trout Fishing the end of March

Headed back to Big Bear Lake for some more Rainbow Trout Action!  

Started on the North Side of the dam and only caught one rainbow trout on a slip bobber with a night crawler at 12 feet down.  I looked over to the other side where I had fallen into the water a few weeks earlier.  The snow had now melted back and was no longer hanging out over the water looking slightly less dangerous.  I could hear the fish calling, so I decided to pack things up and head over to the other side.

I made my way down the snowy embankment carefully with my fishing gear and got into a somewhat safe position to be fishing from. Once in position I rigged up a couple of slip bobbers and night crawlers with varying depths anywhere from 8-15 feet in depth.  A short time elapsed before the bobbers started systematically disappearing and I pulled in a few nice fat rainbows.  It was a beautiful sunny day and once again caught my limit of big rainbows for the smoker.  Yum, love smoked rainbow trout!  Will post how I make smoked rainbow trout a little later.

TIP FOR THE DAY!  If the fish down seem to be biting well on the slip bobber try varying the depth.  Also cast that float as far out into the lake as you can to get it where the hungry fish are waiting!  Good Luck out there.

No near death experiences this time to share about.


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