Big Bear Lake Mini Jigs for Rainbow Trout - April

Big Bear Spring fishing is usually pretty good in the beginning of April.

I was post call after a long night in the VA hospital and my brother was done working the night shift in the ER.  He called me up and asked how the fishing had been lately.  I told him pretty good and I could guarantee him some action.  You see my brother Dallas and I have grown up fishing together, but now that he has better things to do he'll only come fishing with me if I can guarantee him we will be catching rather than getting a big skunk!  It was already around 2 PM so we got things together and headed up for an evenings fishing.

Since we didn't have much time and it was mid week nobody was fishing by the dam.  So we jumped out of the car and headed down on the North side of the dam.  It was quite COLD and something was blowing in, but we got straight to fishing.  We both tied on a small mini jig lure in yellow and white and started fishing the shore.  I cast out the jig and let it sink down for a ten count.  I slowly reeled it in with a slight bouncing action on each cast.  Then I got a hit.  A rainbow trout slammed the jig and took a run, leaping out of the water and creating all kinds of excited laughter.  The beautiful rainbow was soon in hand and released after a quick picture. 
                                                                                                               Had to Keep This one       

The action continued to heat up with my brother hooking up as well on a few nice rainbows.  We decided to see what was swimming around the South side of the dam so we packed up quick and walked over the bridge.  We could see the fish swimming around near the dam and along the rock wall of the shore.  One of these fish soon decided to take a chomp out of Dallas' jig.  After a short battle with this worthy opponent the fisherman and fish were posing for a picture. 
As the sun sank in the sky and more dark clouds moved in the temperature plummeted.   With the dark coming the fish were becoming more difficult to convince to bite.  We decided to avoid frost bite ourselves and head back down the hill.    

Turned out to be an awesome after work fishing trip and it was back to work the next day!


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