Big Bear Lake Early April Rainbow Trout Fishing

Fishing Big Bear lake in April had been hot!

With the success my brother and I had just experienced I thought I would head back to the lake my next day off.  I checked the forecast and it was looking like a great day for fishing.  The sun was shining and it was much warmer than the previous time out.  The snow was melting and completely gone from the South shore as well.  The snow was melting and pouring off the hills into the lake.  

I had arrived early but only a few fish were interested in biting and action was kind of slower than usual.  As the day progressed the melt water from the snow started to run off into the lake.  With all the construction going on with the new bridge being built there was a lot of dirty water running into the lake.  Right at my feet there was this large dust plume developing in the water and extending out from shore.  I couldn't see into the water at all.  As time passed I started to see fish splashing right next to the shore in the muddy water.  The fish were going crazy in this murky water.  They were like sharks prowling in the ocean for unsuspecting prey.  They were so close to shore though I had trouble presenting a jig to them.  

I set up a bobber with a very short line about 24 inches long and tied on a small hook.  I had some american sliced cheese with me and decided to try some.  I know, cheese, how elementary!  Sometimes the most simple techniques produce fish and you should never get too old to go back to the methods that worked when you were a kid.   

I left the bobber sit a few feet off shore and started casting a jig with a Berkley Power Nymph in grey along the shore where I could see fish splashing in the water.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that my bobber had disappeared.  I reached down and grabbed the other rod and set the hook on a feisty rainbow trout.  After setting up again I soon had my jig rod bent over with a large rainbow that had inhaled the Berkley Power Nymph.  The Rainbows stayed very active through the day and I kept catching fish after fish.  

I noticed a fish that was splashing and splashing by my feet.  It seemed odd that he was staying there for so long.  I finally reached down into the murky water and grabbed a hold of some old fishing line.  I could feel the fish tugging on this line.  It turns out he was snagged on the fishing line.  I pulled the fish in and untangled him.  After unraveling the trapped fish I set her free to live another day.  She is pictured below struggling in the muddy water.

I ended up taking a limit of rainbows home for some excellent eating and to share with some good friends


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