Kayak Fishing Big Sur on the Central California Coast

I had read about fishing BIG SUR for months online and it was my first chance to go.  I had my kayak, fish finder, GPS and a few sturdy rods to help me catch some fish.  Everything I read seemed like it was impossible not to catch lots of fish off the Big Sur Coast.  The forecast was for big wind and bigger waves, but the sea wasn't quite so angry past the shore break.  My wife and I suited up in our wet suits and stood on the beach watching for any patterns to the waves that were crashing on the beach.  This seemed a little tricky being our first time out on the BIG WATER!  After waiting we chose our moment carefully and paddled furiously to get out past the shore break before we became its breakfast. We made it past the break and headed out to the Bull Kelp we could see from shore.  The swell was about 8 feet high and we were rolling up and down in our Pro2 Tandem Malibu Kayak.  It wasn't long before I started to feel a little sick.  This was my first experience of true Sea Sickness.  I was severely debilitated and it ruined my fishing ability.  I couldn't even change hooks.  After puking my guts out three times in a row I got lucky and caught one undersized ling cod on a large white scampi.  I think I chummed the waters with breakfast from earlier that morning at Tree Bones Resort.  It was a sunny beautiful day and the winds stayed low.  We headed in early though as I was sick and we weren't catching anything anyways.   I was shocked... seemed like my Big Sur dreams were dashed, but there was always the next day!

Day #2 headed back to the same fishy spot for a second attempt armed with ocean defense... a Scopolamine patch behind my ear.  OH MAN! fishing is 100% better when you are not sick.  The weather was great and  I was trying different lures, moving to different spots and found out the fish really just wanted something simple.  A good ole Shrimp Fly Rig with a strip of squid on it.  We started hauling in the rockfish one after another.   There were a lot of different species as well showing up.  We caught black and yellows, gophers, a big ling cod, a cabezon, and black rockfish.  These fish were located by moving around in the bull kelp and dropping the rig to the bottom and holding it still until you felt a hit.  The bites would come within a matter of seconds of hitting the bottom usually.  After catching a few fish in a spot it was time to move to the next for more action.  The only problem was getting snagged here and them and losing a few rigs to the bottom.  If you are going plan on bringing enough tackle to last you the trip.  Fishing was very consistent and then I hooked into something bigger.  It was pulling hard and actually gave me a good run as it took off back down to the bottom.  The entertaining battle ended with my first legal ling cod sitting on my lap.  What a cool looking fish.  After filling our stringer we headed back with the Central Coast delights.  We had a great day and I knew I would be back for more soon!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.  If you have any questions about Kayak Fishing the Central Coast let me know and I'll hook you up with some information. 

This is an amazing place to go see.  We really enjoy staying at the Tree Bones Resort with complimentary breakfast.  It is very nice Glamping in Yurts right on the coast.  They also have a few camping spots on the property.


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  2. The swell was about 8 feet high and we were rolling up and down in our Pro2 Tandem Malibu Kayak. It wasn't long before I started to feel a little ... tkayakfishing.blogspot.com


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