The Fishing Doctor's Adventures Introduction

Hello Friends and Fellow Outdoorsmen,

Welcome to my Fishing Adventure Blog.  Let me give you a short introduction of myself and what this blog will be focusing on.  Here's my Top 10 Blog Information List for you!

#1 I'm an avid Outdoorsman!

#2 I spend the bulk of my outdoor adventures Fishing:
             Kayak Fishing
             Ocean Fishing
             Stream Fishing
             Shore Fishing
             Alpine Fishing
             Spear Fishing
             Ice Fishing
             Deep Sea Fishing
             Fly Fishing
             Shark Fishing
             You name it and if I haven't tried it yet I'll plan on it next time!

#3 Just catching fish was getting old, so now I enjoy capturing it on film and making YouTube episodes for you to watch.

#4 I enjoy sharing the fishing knowledge I've accumulated over 25 years of fishing Canada and the USA.

#5 I recently completed Residency as an Internal Medicine Physician.

#6 I received my nickname "The Fishing Doctor" during residency after giving fish I caught away to people I worked with.

#7 I hope to make this an interactive Fishing Website.  I'll share my stories, tips and you can request How To Fishing Videos that I will produce.  Please Subscribe to YouTube Channel if interested.  Here is a video from Maui swimming with 36 wild Spinner Dolphins off Big Beach for an example.

#8 I enjoy other adventures as well so you may see posts regarding Snow Skiing, Snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, Water Skiing, Kayaking, Hiking and more.

#9 Just to jump start the content I'll post adventures I've done in the last couple of years just to catch you up to speed.

#10 Good Luck Fishing!!!

Hope you find The Fishing Doctor's Adventures interesting and informative.

Thanks for Joining In on the Fun!

Brandon Koperski - Fishing MD


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